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Depending on the person’s criminal background and current charges, the court assigns a financial sum for their release. The courts will assess an extremely large dollar sum if they fear the person would flee and not appear for trial. For more details click Connecticut Bail Bonds Group-Bail Bonds.

Bail can be anywhere from a few thousand dollars to more than a million dollars! Bail for a misdemeanour offence can range from $1500 to $5000 dollars; it may be more or less depending on the state and county. In either case, most people do not have this type of money on hand, so they acquire a bail bond instead. This sort of bond allows a person to pay only a portion of the total bail cost in exchange for a pledge to attend all court appearances.

 If they fail to appear in court, they forfeit the remainder of their bond and a warrant for their arrest is issued. For a percentage of the bail money, a bail bondsman can help you through the entire process. Typically, the average take is 10%, give or take. The agency will charge $500 for their services if the bail amount is $5000. This is a one-time cost that is never refunded.

A person may be required to secure a bond for bail in a number of circumstances. Their legal situations, criminal histories, criminal actions, and current charges all play a role. Getting out of jail and arrest warrants are the two most prevalent reasons people use bail services. A warrant for a person’s arrest may be issued if they are accused of committing or being engaged in a crime. The same thing may happen if a person fails to appear in court. In these circumstances, the person is expected to surrender to authorities and have their charges dismissed in a timely manner. Hiring a bail bondsman to get them out of jail as soon as they turn themselves in is one way to achieve this swiftly.