Who Invented The Chocolate Chip Cookie?

Wondering who made the chocolate chip cookie? Since chocolate chip cookies are so popular, it is easy to overlook that these therapies have never been available. You really thought chocolate chip cookies aren’t even 100 years old? That is real! Have a look at Edible Arrangements.

Ruth Graves Wakefield ‘s response to “Who made the chocolate chip cookie” is:

Ruth Graves Wakefield was born on 17 June 1903 and she is the one who created the Toll House Cookie, the first chocolate chip cookie in the world.

Ruth Wakefield was trained in the production of household arts at the Framingham State Regular School, and graduated in 1924. She served both as a doctor after graduating from medicine, and gave lectures on cooking.

In 1930 Wakefield and her husband acquired a tourist lodge in Whitman, Massachusetts (part of Plymouth County). The lodge was first founded in 1709, and it has its own long and fascinating past. Many tired travellers stayed the night at the lodge since it is centrally situated between New Bedford and Boston, about halfway there. Typically this is where passers-by charged a fee, changed their horses and sat for some much needed home cooked meals. They called the lodge the Toll House Inn when the Wakefields purchased it, and made sure to keep up with the customs of the lodge. Ruth made and served all of the home cooked meals and it wasn’t long before her sweets achieved some local popularity. The lodge has seen numerous guests, one of the most prominent was John F. Kennedy (when he was still a senator).

Ruth published a cookbook named Tried and Tested Recipes on Toll House in 1940. Ruth passed away in 1977, and in late 1983 the Toll House Inn was burnt down. While there are several businesses now producing and distributing chocolate chips, the formula written on the back of the Nestle Toll House bags is the initial Ruth Graves Wakefield recycle. Nestle is the only organisation with the ability to display the recycling on its bags as of today. All the recipes written on bags by another business are different from the initial recipe.

In the late 1930s, the chocolate chip cookie was created (making it almost seventy-seven years old), but there are various versions about how the first chocolate chip cookie recipe was developed. Several reports claim it has been a mistake, some claim it has been an attempt and some suggest it has been a purposeful process. The storey behind how the chocolate chip cookie was created differs based on the storey-teller. But one thing is for sure, and it’s that Ruth Graves Wakefield is the key to “who made the chocolate chip cookie.” Who knew that one of the most popular treats in the Western World might be what could have begun as an experiment or a mistake someday? Who doesn’t recall going after school to eat chocolate chip cookies?

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