Habitation Investigation – The Home Inspection Process

Home Inspectors is professionals who are qualified and trained to assess the structure and systems of homes. Home Inspectors are not licensed and certified to conduct structural, electrical or HVAC inspections and do not provide building inspection services. A home inspector normally carries out a limited, non-intrusive inspection of the current condition of a property, typically in association with the sale of the property. Home inspectors are trained and employed only to detect defects in a property that may pose a significant or perceived danger to a person using the property or to the property or its occupants. Home inspectors are not involved in the repair or restoration of damage, and do not inspect for code violations. Have a look at Habitation Investigation.

Home inspectors are independent contractors and may have other clients who are not associated with either the buyer or the seller of the home inspected. Most home inspectors will offer a free initial inspection on a new home for buyers. If a problem is detected during this inspection, the buyer typically makes additional payments to the home inspector to cover any unanticipated repairs.

As the buyer of a residential property, you want to know that you and your new neighbor are not spending money or time on a project that could lead to future problems. Buyers should not depend on home inspectors to provide a definitive answer to all their questions or to guarantee that the condition of their prospective home is satisfactory. It is important to carefully consider each factor that is being considered by both the buyer and the home inspectors before agreeing to hire one particular inspector over another. It is also equally important to carefully examine the qualifications and experience of any home inspectors that are selected to conduct a review on your behalf. It is important to find an inspection service that both has the experience and expertise necessary to provide you with the assurances that your investment will be safe, secure and will meet the needs and requirements of your family for years to come.