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That is to say, many consumers believe that they would get more comfort from a mattress if they pay more cash for a mattress. Spending a lot, however, has little to do with whether the product is right for you. Do not skip the expense of comfort and take the time before you spend your money to get to know what the mattress is all about. Believing that the Mattress Base has a secondary role. A full mattress package is made of the mattress itself and the foundation (also known as box spring). Have a look at Mattress. While most customers concentrate on what goes into the mattress, it’s worth looking at the base as a complete mattress kit’s crucial second part. No matter how comfortable a mattress can look, the comfort features can be lost on a weak foundation if you don’t use a suitable high-quality foundation. The foundation itself really contributes a lot to the sleep experience in many ways. Failure to consider alternatives – Shoppers often have in mind a price point or product category and refuse to consider the salesperson’s alternative ideas. If your needs and desires are thoroughly understood by the seller, chances are very good that he or she can suggest some alternatives to let you see what other brands can do. They could cost a little more in some situations, but it could be a major mistake down the road to fail to consider those alternatives. Ask any questions, it will lead to better quality of sleep to keep your options open to suggestions and alternatives, so do not rule out goods or brands that you have never considered before. Not Learning More About the Mattress (detailed mattress materials, feedback, ratings, complaints, warranty) – The main cause of discontent among mattress owners is to buy a mattress “blindly”. But too often, customers allow themselves, without having a second opinion from others to be “bullied” into the commodity of the day.